Photoshop: Changing The Color Of An Eye *Video Included*

In this quick tutorial I will demostrate how to change the color of one's eye...

It's easier than you think.

Some people are so intimated by photoshop they'll never open the application up. It's okay, I was once that person too. Finally I came upon that class in school that made me open up the application and well now I have an ACA (Adobe certfied Associate's) in Photoshop.

By starting off with simple projects like this one, you'll eventually get to the point where you know Photoshop inside and out. So let's begin.

Step 1: Zoom in completely to see the eye. This allows you to easily do the next step without too much hassle.

Step 2: Click on the Lasso Tool in the tool box. This is what we are going to use to make a selection of the eye to only change that area.

Step 3: Begin to outline the eye. This step seems hard to some, but try not to worry about perfection here. Later on we'll go back and touch it up. After selecting the first eye, click the Shift button to add the second eye into the selection. You'll see a plus sign under the tool if you are doing it correctly.

Step 4: With the eye's selected, click on the Adjustments layer and select "Hue/Saturation.."

Step 5: Change the blend mode from normal to Color. We do this because we are simply changing the color of the Eye and don't want any other thing happening to the detail of the Eye.Then in the properties panal click on "Colorize". Once you select this, the eyes will turn red.

Step 6: Zoom in really close to one eye at a time for the clean up process. You want to make sure you go as close as possible to really see the eye.

Step 7: Click on the Brush tool. Remember that Black erases and White adds! Once you have the Brush tool selected figure out what you want to do first, either add or erase. Let's start with Erasing areas we don't want changed by making sure the foreground color is black. Brush the areas around the eye making sure no color spilled onto it. Then switch to

the color white and fill in area's where you still see the old eye color at. Zoom in and out to check your progress.

Boom you finished! Super simple and this technique can be used on more than just the changing of an eye color. If you are a visual person like me, go ahead and click on the picture below to follow a link to the video I created for this! Thanks for reading!

I suggest that you practice this on multiple picture's with different color output. If you can do this without reading the steps or watching the video, you've mastered the art of changing eye colors. If you are struggling do not panic. Just like learning the guitar or how to ride a bike, it could take time. I'll be posting more quick and easy photoshop tutorials so you can continue to practice different techniques that you can carry on to your professional life.


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